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EURO SOLAR  (Pty) Ltd is based in South Africa and represents CALPAK Solar Water Heaters in Southern Africa, offering residential, commercial and industrial solar water heating solutions

We pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable and cost-efficient providers of solar thermal energy. Calpak has 36 years of manufacturing experience and with continuous research and development has acquired a wealth of technical know how and produces reliable and durable solar water heating systems that suit every climate

Calpak's manufacturing capacity extends to flat plate selective collectors, sandwich type collectors, vacuum tube collectors, thermosiphonic tanks and floor standing hot water tanks

The products we design also make financial sense to our clients. We thrive on technological innovation that can make a positive impact on the environment in which we live. We believe that renewable energy must be designed to be simultaneously cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly

Our manufacturing is robotised and our quality of production is guaranteed by standardised procedures and thorough testing controls that are certified under the ISO 9001:2008. Moreover, our products are certified with numerous international and national quality marks such as Solar - Keymark, CE, CSTB, SRCC, SABS, and O'solaire

Our key to success is 

- long lifespan ( approx 25 years) to provide extensive savings to our customers

- up to 10 years of warranty on our products 

- automation of production and robotics minimize human error  

- easy and straightforward installation

- aesthetic design

- very good quality materials and modern manufacturing processes

- production of our tanks according to german DIN standard

- light maintenance and easy to operate 

- economical and cost friendly to consumer      

Calpak is a member of the official European Solar Thermal Industries Federation (ESTIF).

Our goal is to manufacture more efficient and long-lasting CALPAK Solar Heaters in order to distribute them to the whole world. Sun is everywhere and everyone is entitled to take advantage of some of its energy and have plentiful hot water without problems.

In this way, we help people keep their household budgets low and contribute to the protection of the environment, as the Solar Heater is the most ecological appliance. 


Tel +27 (0) 11 802 4808    Cell +27 (0) 82 6252181 

Email [email protected] fax2email : 0866 968 969